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Make more money by outsourcing your work

If you are getting more Projects then its probably hard to handle more projects at a time and this leads to ruin your freelancing network. One of my friends asked me, that how I am making more money from my designing works. As I am getting lots of clients, its really hard to handle, although I never recommend to accept any project as you go. What you can do is, outsource your Projects and make more money. In this post I am going to explain you, how you can outsource your projects and make more money. I still believe not to hire for your Primary Projects, because your clients trust you because of your work.

So Let me start this post by explaining you, the Power of Outsourcing

Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing

First let us look at the advantages of Outsourcing. Outsourcing can be very effective, if you have lots of projects, which you can’t handle at the time. Outsourcing help’s you to make more money, even without doing any work.

Now let us look at some disadvantages. In outsourcing, you need to search for a good person or company to outsource you work. Also they should be very responsible about the work they do, but in my career, I found many Careless outsource person. And sometime because of them, I lost some of my good clients. So before choosing the person, Get a detail profile of them.

Now let me move to the exact topic, which is Make More Money by Outsourcing Your Works

Type of Projects you can outsource:

Yes, it is important not to outsource your any projects, you should know what to outsource and what you should not. In designing, I love to outsource my projects like, Business card designing, Bulk Logo designing Projects (Still you should check each and every work from your outsource worker) If you are in any other field that you think outsourcing will be best for you, then go for it, but once again don’t outsource your primary Projects.

Whom to outsource?

There are lots of outsourcing companies are waiting for projects to work, but before choosing the company, please check their relation with clients, their works and the time when they complete. You can also browse fiverr, to outsource your related projects. Fiverr has a very nice concept, its very east to check the Gig owner Profile. Before buying any gig, have a look at their Reviews, Total Gigs collected, and the clients comments, what others are saying about him/her. Apart from Fiverr, usually I hire local designers from my locality. List out some of the good designers in your locality, talk to them related to the projects. Their charges, completing time, revisions etc.

Making Good commission from Outsourcing.

Now come to making money from Outsourcing. What you have to do is, suppose you get 10 Business card designs projects, each of $50. Now here comes the tricky part. Hire a designer, who can design the business cards for $10. Now let calculate, 10×50=500, and your outsourcer will charge $10 for each that means 10×10 that is $100, and you get a very handsome commission of $400 by doing nothing but to manage it. Another tricky part is, if you get a project, which you think you can’t do it. For example you get a mascot design projects. You can easily charge the client from $500 to $900. So how you get the project done? Here comes the power of Crowdsourcing. Post your job on crowdsourcing site, I recommend you to use, because it is the largest yet good workers. So Post your job there by pricing the project to something around $400-500. You will get many designs from the designer, by the freelancers at When they post the designs, copy all the images and send them to the client, if the client select any of the design, immediately move to and announce the winner, When the contest will end. Get the required files, pay the winner and keep good amount with you.

This is called marketing or Outsourcing. A good saying:

Use your Brain, and let the money comes to your bank account

Hope this article will help you to start outsourcing from today itself. Also, In my next post I am going to share of my experiment with outsourcing. I mean a post which describe the practical guide to outsourcing by me. I will disclose my secret, how I get the client, how I choose the outsourcer, the pricing, the commission and the way to talk with client. So please be with me for my next article. I recommend you to Subscribe my Email newsletter, so that you don’t miss the opportunity to learn the secret, which I used to make more money by outsourcing.Enjoy

I am sure you will apply my tips to earn some more by outsourcing, if you have any other ideas, please share it with is, use the comment box below. And thanks for visiting my blog.

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